Product Type

10oz Polycarbonate Hi-Balls CE Marked

Product Code: C21.011

Pack Size: 1 x 48

6.5in compostable CPLA spoon

Product Code: C76.107

Pack Size: 1000

8.75oz Casablanca Old Fashioned P52694

Product Code: B21.208

Pack Size: 1 x 48

Aspen Fully Toughened Beer 20oz

Product Code: B21.160

Pack Size: 1 x 24

Boston Shot 25ml

Product Code: B21.164

Pack Size: 1 x 12

Casablanca 10oz CE Beverage P52713

Product Code: B21.207

Pack Size: 1 x 48

Centra Tall Hiball 10.5oz(30cl)

Product Code: B21.152

Pack Size: 4 x 6

Hiball 10 oz (28cl) (foremely P42016)

Product Code: B21.177

Pack Size: 1 x 48

Simple, low cost and classic way to present beverages. Hiballs are versatile enough for every serve, from soft drinks to cocktails.

Individually Wrapped Tumblers

Product Code: C76.005

Pack Size: 1 x 500

Maldive Goblet 11oz(31cl) Lined@175ml CE

Product Code: B21.173

Pack Size: 1 x 12

Classic one piece glass, which provides excellent rim and foot strength. Maldive's solid foot prevents water collection during...

Nonic 20oz Pint Glass CE

Product Code: B21.153

Pack Size: 1 x 48


Print Rpet Pint CE Tumbler

Product Code: C76.552

Pack Size: 1 x 1000

Expected Restock Date: 03-10-2022