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BH193-NU - GRIP PLUS 1:150 5L

Product Code: A52.500

Pack Size: 1 x 1

Nu-Grip Plus is a nature powered floor degreaser. It is designed to bio-degrade and quickly removes deep-down fats, oils, greases and...

Chlorine Tablets

Product Code: A38.200

Pack Size: 1 x 250

Available Chlorine (ppm) 10,000 2,500 1,000 600...

Citra Clean Orange Squirt RTU Cleaner Degreaser 5L

Product Code: A39.602

Pack Size: 1 x 5L

Citra Clean Orange Squirt RTU Cleaner Degreaser 750ml

Product Code: A39.603

Pack Size: 6 x 750ml

D3.5 Suma Break Up Heavy Duty Degreaser 5L

Product Code: A39.015

Pack Size: 2 x 5L

This fast acting heavy duty degreaser is designed to remove fat, oil and carbons from the inside of ovens, grills and other metallic...

Deepio Powder Degreaser 6kg

Product Code: A39.040

Pack Size: 1 x 6kg

Quickly and efficiently removes kitchen grease and baked on food. 

Delphis Antibac Sanitiser 5L

Product Code: A34.804

Pack Size: 1 x 5L

Delphis Antibac Sanitiser 700mL CASE

Product Code: A34.803

Pack Size: 6 x 700ml

Delphis H/Duty Degreaser 5L

Product Code: A39.803

Pack Size: 1 x 5L

Delphis X Factor Cleaner 700mL CASE

Product Code: A34.800

Pack Size: 6 x 700ml

Diversey Suma BAC Sanitiser Cleaner D10 1.5L CASE

Product Code: A35.900

Pack Size: 4 x 1.5L

Super concentrated liquid detergent sanitiser. For use with Divermite dispensing system Concentrated liquid detergent which...