Medical Cotton Wool Balls

Product Code: B02.201

Pack Size: 1 x 200


Moist Patient Wipes - BUCKET - SINGLE

Product Code: C68.205S

Pack Size: 1 x 150


Conti Wet Wipes CW200 - 29.5 x 22cm - SINGLE

Product Code: C68.221S

Pack Size: 1 x 200

Awaiting Confirmation Date


Industrial Heavy Duty Hand Wipes - Tub of 150

Product Code: A61.307S

Pack Size: 1 x 150

Awaiting Confirmation Date

Everfresh Baby Wipes (Fragrance Free)

Product Code: C73.122

Pack Size: 12 x 72


Dymacare Fresh Skin Cleansing Wipes

Product Code: C68.014

Pack Size: 20 x 75

Moist Patient Wipes - BUCKET - CASE

Product Code: C68.205

Pack Size: 4 x 150

Convenient cleansing for patients’ hands and face, helping to keep skin feeling clean and refreshed Ideal for patients with...

Conti Standard Regular Dry CBW010 20 x 26cm

Product Code: C68.208

Pack Size: 32 x 100

Perfect for daily cleansing. Designed with polypropylene, the wipes provide a lightweight, comfortable material. The strength and...

Conti Large Dry Wipes 26gm 30 x 35cm CLW110

Product Code: C68.200

Pack Size: 32 x 100

Conti Lite patient cleansing wipes provide the most cost-effective option for healthcare professionals, combining strength and...

Conti Wash Cloth 60gm CWW075P

Product Code: C68.207

Pack Size: 16 x 75

Made from airlaid tissue and is ideal for full body cleansing. Soft, strong and highly absorbent, this wipe lathers well with soap and...


Uniwipe Clinical Disinfectant Midi-Wipes - packs of 100

Product Code: B68.300

Pack Size: 18 x 100

Conti Cotton Soft Wipe 48gm CCW110

Product Code: C68.206

Pack Size: 20 x 100

Conti Cotton Soft Wipes are highly absorbent, cotton enriched incontinence wipes. The wipes are perfect for cleansing heavily soiled...