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ACT Toilet Clnr/Descaler 1L CASE

Product Code: A37.201

Pack Size: 12 x 1L

Concentrated cleaner which easily removes limescale and organic deposits.  For use on all ceramic and stainless steel urinals and...


Anyah Liquid Soap 5L (case of 2)

Product Code: C74.420

Pack Size: 2 x 5L


Bioderm F Foaming Hand Soap Pouch - 800mL

Product Code: A61.661

Pack Size: 1 x 800mL

BioVate Toilet Cleaner & Descaler 1L

Product Code: A37.400

Pack Size: 12 x 1L

A powerful, thick clinging toilet cleaner, sanitiser and descaler. Kills germs, removes limescale and organic deposits.  Suitable...

BioVate Washroom cleaner 1L - SINGLE

Product Code: A37.411S

Pack Size: 1 x 1L

Awaiting Confirmation Date

Nu-Bio Scrub cleans surfaces and descales residue in baths, showers, toilets and urinals without damaging the surface or destroying...

Blu Away Biological Washroom Cleaner 5L

Product Code: A33.601

Pack Size: 1 x 5L

Awaiting Confirmation Date

Deb Triple Active Gel 100ml Tube

Product Code: A61.111

Pack Size: 12 x 100ml

Delphis Antibac Handsoap 500ml

Product Code: A63.800

Pack Size: 1 x 12

Delphis Bio Washroom Clr Conc 5L

Product Code: A33.803

Pack Size: 1 x 5L

Delphis Daily Use Toilet Cleaner 750mL - SINGLE

Product Code: A37.800S

Pack Size: 1 x 750ml

Delphis Daily Use Toilet Cleaner 750mL CASE

Product Code: A37.800

Pack Size: 6 x 750ml

Delphis Eco Bio Urinal Blocks Tub 50

Product Code: A44.800

Pack Size: 1 x 1

Delphis Eco bio urinal blocks are suitable for all types of urinals and troughs, including stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic.