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Blue 1 Ply Interfold Hand Towels 19cm x 25cm (Easy 360B)

Product Code: A67.812

Pack Size: 1 x 3600

1ply Hand Towel 19 x 25cm  Packed in sleeves of 15 x 240 per case.  Suitable for washroom and catering environments, when...

Blue 1ply Interfold Hand Towels 25cm x 21cm

Product Code: A67.822

Pack Size: 1 x 5000

1ply Hand Towel 21 x 25cm  Packed in sleeves of 20 x 250 Suitable for use in all catering and washroom environments. When...

Blue 1ply Katrin Basic Hand Towel Zig Zag 23.2cm x 23cm

Product Code: A67.602

Pack Size: 1 x 5000

1ply Hand Towel 23 x 23.2cm  Packed in sleeves of 20 x 250 per case.  Suitable for low to medium traffic areas, When...

Fig Autocut Roll Towel- Bamboo

Product Code: N66.953

Pack Size: 6 x 782

Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties that's ideal for and towels. The lomg and strong bamboo fibres have a great wet strength...

Fig Autocut Roll Towel- Recycled Blue

Product Code: N66.958

Pack Size: 6 x 665

There are 3,990 sheets per case of Autocut towel rolls, meaning a lower carbon footprint and easier to store! The single sheet...

Fig Compact Hand Towel - Bamboo Natural

Product Code: N67.952

Pack Size: 30 x 140

There are 4,200 sheets per case of Bamboo compact hand towels. Bamboo has natural anti - bacterial properties   

Fig Compact Hand Towel - White

Product Code: N67.954

Pack Size: 16 x 150

There are 2,400 sheets per case, with zero plastic packaging! Compact dispensers mean less usage and less wastage.  

Green 1 Ply C Fold Hand Towels 31cm x 23cm

Product Code: A67.813

Pack Size: 1 x 2880

1ply Hand Towel 25 x 23cm  Packed in sleeves of 15 x 190 per case Suitable for all washroom environments.

Green 1 ply V fold Nursery Hand Towel 22.2cm x 12.1cm

Product Code: A67.823

Pack Size: 1 x 7200

1ply Hand Towel 22 x 12cm  Packed in sleeves of 15 x 480 per case.  Half sized hand towel, specifically designed to reduce...


Katrin Dispenser Inserts

Product Code: A69.221

Pack Size: Each


Katrin Plus Hand Towel Non Stop M2 Wide Handy Pack 24cm x 24cm

Product Code: A67.650

Pack Size: 1 x 2400


Katrin Plus One Stop M 2 - Easy Flush - 2ply - 20.3 x 24cm

Product Code: A67.828

Pack Size: 1 x 2400