What does EN14476 mean?

N14476 mean?mean?

What does EN14476 really mean?

Working in the cleaning and hygiene industry, it was never expected that our vocabulary would evolve more in the space of a few months than it did in the space of two years. The Covid -19 pandemic has introduced us, as it has for every other business, to a brand new dictionary consisting of new terminology, new names and codes which have now become a part of everyday life. Navigating through this can be challenging and it can be difficult to remember the letter and number combinations, let alone their definitions- so we thought compiling the facts might make things a bit easier, starting with... EN14476!


So what is EN14476?

Simply stated, EN 14476 is a virucidal test method. This includes surface disinfection tests. Products with this certification are able to claim effectiveness against enveloped viruses.


Do EN14476 certified products work against SARS-CoV-2?

Products tested against Vaccinia Virus are allowed to claim effectiveness against Coronavirus. Some examples of EN14476 certified products, which have additionally been tested against Vaccinia Virus are:

As always, you must follow the recommended dilution rates if applicable, and allow the advised contact time to pass in order for the above to be effective.


Are there any other ways to Kill SARS-CoV-2?

Yes, by using an air filtration system from Radic8. Their patented Viruskiller technology has been tested against Coronavirus, Adenovirus, Influenza and Poliovirus. Their devices improve indoor infection control practices and help to reduce the spread of viruses through the use of various filters and their patented reactor chamber. These filters don’t only trap irritants such as dust and mould, the reactor chamber within kills viruses rather than trapping them like most other systems do.


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