How to get your business back to work safely during Coronavirus

Following on from the recently published advice from the HSE, it advises businesses to conduct a full Risk Assessment in order to prepare the workplace for people to return to work or study safely.

It explains how you can protect people from coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace, for example by putting in place social distancing measures, staggering shifts and providing additional handwashing facilities. The guidance may also be useful to workers and their representatives.

  • The guide asks people to think about how they organise the work area so people are safely 2m apart. This might include a one-way system in corridors, lifts and stairs.
  • It goes on to recommend floor markings and clear signage to help the flow of people around a building.
  • To think about your cleaning regimes and in particular the products and equipment you use. This involves increasing the frequency of cleaning and paying particular attention to highlighted touch points, such as handrails, lift buttons or door handles.
  • Clear guidance for the use of washrooms and toilets. This includes clear signage, a clean washroom, and ensuring you have enough hand washing facilities in place, including paper towels.
  • It also recommends that you provide adequate hand sanitising facilities outside of the washroom.

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